Kobe Campbell, LCMHC-QS

Kobe Campbell, LCMHC-QS, NCC, ASC, is an award-winning licensed trauma therapist, Christian counselor, speaker, host of ‘The Healing Circle’ podcast, and author of her debut book, ‘Why Am I Like This?: How to Break Cycles, Heal From Trauma, and Restore Your Faith.’ Kobe received her BA in Psychology from UNCW and an MA in Christian Counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. With a kind, compassionate, and energetic spirit, she helps people find the truest versions of themselves under the pain that they’ve endured through therapy, support groups, speaking, retreats, and organizational training. Kobe has served organizations including Wake Forest’s MBA Program, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Advent Coworking, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Brown Girl Self Care, The Refined Woman Collective with Kat Harris, and more. (Photo Credit: Lola Adesina)