Our Story

Wondermind Is Our Space to Let It All Out


Through the years, we’ve each had our own mental health struggles. One day, we were all talking about it and realized there was no easy, inclusive space where people could come together to explore, discuss, and navigate their feelings. So we thought, why not make it happen? And Wondermind was born.


How It Works

Our Commitment To Mental Fitness

Mental fitness means working on your mental health—whatever that looks like to you. It takes more than an inspirational quote to really change your mindset. But showing up for your mental health shouldn’t be expensive, inaccessible, or time consuming. Even if you’re lucky enough to see a therapist, making time for your mind in between sessions can go a long way. That’s what we’re here for—to give you easy, doable ways to put your mental fitness first every day.


Mental fitness is about showing up and putting in the work—because your mental health is worth prioritizing.


Tangible tools to support your practice, from daily journal exercises to an hourglass for focus.


It's not always easy to open up, but through sharing and connecting, we can actually help each other heal.

The Minds Behind Wondermind

Mandy Teefey


Mandy Teefey is a co-founder and CEO of Wondermind, as well as the founder and CEO of Kicked to the

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is one of the most globally and culturally celebrated artists, actors, producers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists of her generation.

Wondermind Advisory Committee

Juan Romero-Gaddi
Juan Romero-Gaddi, MD

Jessica Stern
Jessica Stern, PhD

Thomas Vance
Thomas Vance, PhD

Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang, PhD

Miriam Kirmayer
Miriam Kirmayer, PhD

Ryan Howes
Ryan Howes, PhD

Corey Yeager, PhD, LMFT

Nina Polyne
Nina Polyné, PsyD

Sarah Ahmed
Sarah Ahmed, RSW

Minaa B.
Minaa B., LMSW

Alo Johnston
Alo Johnston, LMFT

John Tsilimparis, MFT
John Tsilimparis, MFT