Let’s Talk About It

We know it can be hard to talk about, but research shows that up to 22% of young people experience suicidal thoughts. In the U.S., suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10-14 year olds and 20-34 year olds. It's time we started talking about the reality of suicidal ideation. That's why we put together this package of expert-backed articles and personal stories. To remind you that you're not the only who feels this way. To inspire you to reach out for help. To encourage you to check in on your people. To implore you to keep going.

Heads up: The articles below contain stories about struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Coping with suicidal thoughts
A floaty device in a pool to represent saving someone from myths about suicide
Suicidal Ideation
Safety plan including a life preserver and lifeline
Heads Up: You Probably Need a Safety Plan
This therapy worksheet will come in clutch the next time you're struggling.
Everything You Need to Know About 988
The suicide prevention hotline got a glow-up, but how’s that going?