Holiday Survival Guide

You’re not wrong: The ~most wonderful time of the year~ can also feel like the actual worst. With the financial stress, family drama, travel worries, and the pressure to have grid-worthy Big! Life! Moments! (complete with the matching PJs) the whole thing can feel like an obstacle course of emotions. So if you're struggling with something—anything—this year, just remember that you're not alone, your feelings are valid, and you are worthy. Because we could all probably use an assist right now, behold this very safe space packed with expert advice to help you deal and stories from people also feeling less than fa-la-la-la about the next few weeks. Look at you crushing the holidays like an emotionally regulated champ! You got this.

A sad snowman to represent seasonal depression
5 Tips for a Less Terrible Seasonal Depression Szn
SAD doesn’t have to define your winter!
A holiday tree that hates the holidays
Got Family Drama?
My Loneliness Made Me Nostalgic for an Unhealthy Home During the Holidays
A partially unwrapped present to represent family drama
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